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Guitars Not Guns® Santa Cruz County, CA


Mike Keller - President (primary contact - 831-332-7614)
Bob Fisher -Vice President
Joanie Fisher - Treasurer
Richard Salazar - Treasurer - Pro-Tem

Advisory Board


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Guitars Not Guns® Fundraiser - A huge "thank you!" to the community for its support of this event and our GNG chapter!


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Watch the Guitar Raffle video - Epiphone acoustic guitar won by James Durbin's aunt Betty, and Steve won the Epiphone electric.

"Destroy the Night" is a tribute to two great groups who were formed in the late 60s, Led Zeppelin and the Doors, by one great new group with local roots in an imaginary time tunnel to a 60s/70s psychedelic rock concert!

James Durbin has been one of the all- time local success stories, achieving the #4 place on American Idol as 30 million watchers cheered him on. He came back to Santa Cruz to play his homecoming concert before the massive Idol tour - backed by the White Album Ensemble - to become the largest concert in Santa Cruz history, 30,000 people at the Beach Boardwalk. His 1st record "Memories of a Beautiful Disaster" sold in excess of 200,000 units.

Guitarist/keyboardist Musicscool founder Dale Ockerman, of White Album Ensemble, and former Doobie Brothers renown, mentored James and the other members at Musicscool in the late 2000's. He invited James to sing with the WAE, who received standing ovations at every performance, and Guitarmy (a Musicscool teen group that featured Led Zeppelin music). Taking a break from his solo career, James returns the favor by inviting Dale and other Musicscool alumni (Ty Wallace, Jesse Holsapple, Will McDougall, and Caleb Larsen) to do a hometown concert of Doors and Led Zeppelin music for an awesome Fillmore-style "Double Bill".

Epiphone, Guitars Not Guns®, and Musicscool present "Destroy the Night"!

A portion of profits will benefit Musicscool Scholarships Fund (of which James was the first recipient), and Guitars Not Guns®, a non-profit, pro-youth music, anti-violence program. Epiphone has generously donated two fine guitars, which will be autographed and raffled at intermission. Come and wear your trippiest "Summer Of Love" attire for a summertime friday night bash in the spirit of the Fillmore or Avalon concerts!

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Santa Cruz volunteer Matt Cole hooks up with Dale Ockerman (former Doobie Brothers member) and White Album Ensemble keyboard player at the Aptos Farmers market to promote the upcoming concert "Destroy the Night" at the Rio Theatre Santa Cruz.


Santa Cruz volunteer Paul Calenderia working the Farmers Market.


Signed guitar


Matt Cole performing at booth


Guitars Not Guns® attended the 2013 NAMM Show in January in Annaheim, California

Fisher Family - Santa Cruz Volunteers at NAMM Show 2013


GNG Volunteers Haley, Morgan, Bob, Joanie Fisher at NAMM Show 2013


Kyle Gass (Tenacious G) with Haley Fisher Volunteer at NAMM 2013


Morgan Fisher, GNG Teacher, Santa Cruz at NAMM 2013


Rio Concert Raffle, Santa Cruz Volunteers Daniel, Robin, Mike, and Joy


Rio Concert Raffle Winner and Volunteer Teachers Danny and Mike