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Guitars Not Guns® San Francisco County, CA

Tim Hall - Vice President

San Francisco celebrated the completion of the spring, 2010 graduation with a wonderful recital attended by family and friends.

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Each student received a Certificate of Achievement, accompanied by a music CD, an egg-shaker, guitar picks and a music stand of their own. Val’s class wowed the audience with a song picked especially to show off the many aspects of guitar-playing they have learned – smooth strums, blended with classical finger-picking, and rhythmic rock ‘n’ roll strums. The song also included song super lead guitar licks, to be played by soloist, Kenneth, but he unfortunately broke his left wrist two days before the concert! Val filled in playing piano and singing the song. The girls were amazing!

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photo left to right - Rosalinda, Angelica, Sarah, Val

Not to be outdone, Carter and co-instructor Jeff’s class performed “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus, sung by Sophie, with assistance from guest singer, Drew. Everyone enjoyed the show!

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Left to right: Brenton, Andrew, Eduardo, David; Front: Drew, Sophie

But the show didn’t end there……the instructors performed “The House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals, and we did it COLD! We never played the song together, but Jeff and Carter played guitar, Dave sang, and Val played the organ. We were all surprised that the song was such a great success!

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The recital concluded with Val’s acknowledgements to her wonderful volunteer staff, presenting gifts of GNG coffee mugs and CD’s. Val also thanked the Boys’ and Girls’ Club for providing their facilities rent-free and to all the parents and guardians who have shown their support throughout the years for our program. Val will be leaving the Bay area this summer to relocate to South Florida, and will hand the reins over to new President, Carter Townsend. The students and parents were saddened to hear the news and gave Val a rousing standing ovation. San Francisco’s loss, however, will be Florida’s gain since we are lacking chapters that are desperately needed in that area. Carter Townsend will publish the dates for the Fall, 2010 sessions when they have been scheduled. Classes will begin sometime after Labor Day.

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