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See the D.C. chapter on this WJLA-TV piece.

Various videos, audios and media with info and publicity for Guitars Not Guns®. Please note, the video windows will take a bit of time to populate.

A short documentary film by American University student Daniella Perez

Posted June 9, 2014

"Ask Dr. Business" - Guitars Not Guns® John Allured (San Mateo County, CA chapter) and Bob Megantz (San Jose) are interviewed.

This video is 28 minutes and forty seconds long. It is in .wmv format and is 411 Mb in size.

Posted July 28, 2012

"Follow the Music" - a video by Sebastian Diaz. Guitars Not Guns®, Canada

Posted July 25, 2012

Sirius/XM radio channel 110 show "Reality of Real Estate" with Jennifer Hammond

Jennifer interviews Gregg Hammond about the why he feels the power of music will change the world, how the Guitars Not Guns® Music Program is doing that one DC neighborhood at a time, the GNG Guitar Anthem Set Me Free, and performing with Paul McCartney.

Barbara Gorin, VP Fund Raising for the Contra Costa County, California Chapter, being feted at the Digital Literary Arts 2012 Sound Investment in Youth Awards.

Posted July 7, 2012

Gregg Hammond and The GNG Guitar Anthem "Set Me Free" with lyrics

Gregg Hammond and The GNG Guitar Anthem "Set Me Free", and how it's played.

Elijah - Guitars Not Guns® Canada Video

"Set Me Free" YouTube video by Gregg Hammond of GNG Washington, D.C. chapter (added August 2011)

Latest Guitars Not Guns® YouTube video presentation (added July 2011)

Guitarist Caleb Quaye on Guitars Not Guns®

Guitars Not Guns® Public Service Announcement

Guitars Not Guns® Graduation on KGO-TV, July 2009

Guitars Not Guns® Presentation

Video about our program

Guitars Not Guns® on WLOX-TV

Barbara Gorin on TV April 2008 - (.wmv file)

Randall Davis and Bruce Johnson on the radio - (.mp3 file)